Seticrei: 100% natural cosmetic products

Seticrei: 100% natural cosmetic products

Seticrei is the Italian brand of 100% natural cosmetics.
What makes them so unique in the world?

Seticrei Cosmetici con 100% natural ingredients

100% natural ingredients

Seticrei: cosmetici con 100% pure active principles

100% pure active principles

Seticrei: cosmetici naturali 100% Dermocompatible

100% dermocompatible

Discover the natural active ingredients at the base of Seticrei cosmetics...

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Product information, tutorials, resources for understanding ingredients, etc.
Everything you need to know to better design your beauty routine and get the most out of Seticrei natural cosmetics.

Cosmetici Naturali Seticrei

Seticrei: About us

Se Ti Crei: the philosophy is in the name.

Because everyone of us has ‘every day’ the chance to recreate ourselves, the important thing is deciding to and wanting to every day! Start your day with a SE TI CREI, think about what you would do for yourself and choose consciously!


Seticrei Academy

Learning Beauty: intensive workshops designed for estheticians and visagists.

Find out how to participate in upcoming training seminars: you'll learn Deep Natural Manual Lifting and study the principles behind the formulation of natural, high-performance cosmetic products.

Store locator

Find Seticrei products near you.

Seticrei's 100% natural cosmetic products are used and sold to the public at the best beauty salons in major cities. Here's where you can find them and... try them!


What is INCI?

What is the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients?

Read the explanation of the main natural ingredients used in cosmetic products.

Deep Natural Manual Lifting

Deep Natural Manual Lifting

An exceptional massage which main objective is to lead you to a specific knowledge of what are facial muscles and what are the causes of wrinkles and expressive lines.

Combined with the use of Seticrei natural cosmetics, this innovative massage technique is very high performing.

Deep Natural Manual Lifting

Daily beauty routine

Beauty ritual: how to use Seticrei products

Skin health and beauty pass through small daily gestures. Discover the beauty routine - to be carried out morning and evening - recommended by Seticrei.

Video #1

The story of Donatella Colangelo and the acne that changed her life at the age of 16.

Not finding a solution... she decided to invent it, studying 100% natural and 100% effective remedies. This is how "Seticrei" was born!

Video #2

What is skin and what are its functions?

Skin speaks about us much more than what we say about ourselves. Here's why!

Video #3

How to recognize your own epidermal type.

"You have no idea how many people think they have a certain skin type and instead they have another skin type." This obviously carries over into the wrong beauty routine they use for their skin.

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Seticrei - Cosmetici 100% naturali

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