Natural cosmetics that contain marine collagen

Marine collagen is a fibrous protein, so it is extracted from the skin and scales of sea fish, including salmon and cod, for the very purpose of creating products for human use that are useful in fighting cellular aging.

Percentually the protein most present in the human body (about a quarter of all proteins in the body), it is the most important structural molecule; in addition to protecting and supporting soft tissues and connecting them with the skeleton, it also plays a key role in skin trophism by virtue of its particular three-dimensional triple-helix scaffolding.

It has an excellent capacity to retain water and intervenes directly in the processes of transdermal loss of fluids, finally it exerts a high moisturizing power; it has among its primary components hydroxyproline, histidine, hydroxylysine and methionine; at the cosmetological level its contribution, thanks to the peculiar filmogenic and sustaining characteristics, gives the skin the ability to keep the natural hydration and ensures a significant increase in the degree of skin elasticity and turgidity; in younger skins it effectively counteracts the onset of the signs of aging.

Natural cosmetics with collagene marino

Seticrei natural cosmetics that contain marine collagen