Diamond Line

Seticrei presents:
The first ritual with pure natural diamond powder and peptides.

We will bright you!

Do you want to try seticrei diamond line at home?
We have created finish diamond!

Finish Diamond is the first serum with natural diamond powder.

The first cabin ritual with pure natural diamond powder
Beauty Salons only.


Diamond is the most precious gem in nature and it is considered important and functional for the health and wellness of our skin.

Our skin deserves the luxe of diamond, diamond brightens the skin with a new vitality, it restores the skin with an anti-age effect by activating natural anti-age processes, it also protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun and pollution.

Diamonds are used in advanced cosmetics thanks to their physical structure.

They are broken in microcrystals or microparticles of different shapes, in these forms they are essential in renewing the epidermis and removing impurities that daily deposit on our skin.

The NATURAL DIAMOND POWDER has trace elements that activate and regulate the vital chemical reactions of our cells by intervening in epidermal microcirculation.

Our skin shines by an extraordinary brightness.

Natural diamond powder is filled with PEPTIDES. What are peptides?

Peptides are amino acids joined by a peptide bond. They are used in cosmetics for their anti-age effect.

What do they do?

They are chemical messengers. Our epidermis carries polysaccharides, structures composed by sugar that are receptors. Receptors catch the chemical messengers generated by peptides and transmit them to the nucleus of the cell.

This process helps creating a lifting effect on our skin.

Directions for use

This ritual involves a synergic use of caviar cosmetics and an alginate made with natural diamond powder.

Cabin process
- Beauty Salons only -

To achieve fantastic results and benefits it is important to follow step by step the next instructions, strictly using the products they involve:

  • Moisten the face with warm water
  • DUse SETICREI Caviar Detergent Milk to deterge the skin
  • Wash away the Caviar Detergent Milk
  • On the hoisted skin, going on with:
    • GOMMAGE VISO, if the skin is not pure and the skin has a thick grain;
    • LEVIGANTE VISO DELICATO, if the skin is very sensitive and dry;
  • Wash away the product
  • Prepare the alginate that will be put on the face using: 3/4 teaspoons of diamond powder and 15 ml of diamond solution to be melt together.
  • Leave the alginate on the skin for 30/40 minutes, after 15 minutes the costumer starts to feel the skin pulled
  • Wash away the alginate with warm water
  • Dry the face of the costumer
  • Take Natural Diamond Powder (5ml) and put it all over the face
  • Give a massage all over the face.
  • Al termine di tutto mettere il FINISH DIAMOND su tutto il viso.

N.B. Diamond Serum has to be shaken before the use.

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