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Hello everyone,

For the past few IGTVs, we've covered Seticrei's beauty routine for the face.

Today I want to take you through the Seticrei beauty routine for the body.

First of all I want to tell you about a product suitable for all skin types and necessary for the use of cosmetics for the body to be even more effective.

Also the skin of the body as well as that of the face needs to have an external aid to go to remove the dead epithelial cells.

That's where this fantastic glass jar comes in where the saline body exfoliant is contained inside.

This is a scrub that contains sea salt, dead sea salts and lemon and orange essential oil.

It has a dual function not only gently removes skin cells but also deeply moisturizes the skin.

How many times have you done a body scrub and felt your skin tighten?

With this product you will not have this feeling at all in fact you will come out of the shower from the bath with a silky skin.

How to use this body exfoliant?

First of all the skin must be clean so we must cleanse it with our usual body cleanser.

Also, the skin will need to be moist not wet...what does that mean? There will not have to be a large amount of water on the body but the skin will still need to be slightly damp.

The first thing even before going to use the product is to mix the contents because as you can see above there is an oily part and in the part below there is salt.

The product to be used directly on the skin is the combination of oil and salt then we should go to mix the oil with salt in such a way as to create a sort of mush that will then be massaged with circular motions always from the bottom upwards of course leaving out, if you have very delicate skin, the area of the decoltè and then you will rinse with lukewarm water and the skin will be as well as absolutely soft perfectly hydrated.

A very important thing to remember is that the product will be used directly on the skin.

A very important thing to say is that the salt body exfoliant should be done once every 28 days even on the body because even the skin cells of the body have a cycle of 28 days and therefore it is useless to do it more often.

The only time of the year when you can do it more often, once every 15 days, is the summer season.

When we expose ourselves to the sun as a result of sun exposure, our skin tends to thicken.

You think that the skin tans and we like this very much but for her is nothing more than a defense the color that sends us back on the outside and then sometimes we find our skin a little bit thicker.

So in this case the body scrub can be carried out twice a month because we disprove this myth: it is absolutely not true that the body scrub goes to remove the tan rather it makes it stand out even more because the skin without dead skin cells is even brighter.

Stay tuned with our IGTV because in the next episode we will talk about heavy legs that with this heat unfortunately is an issue that many have.

Bye everyone!

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