Beauty routine for combination skin

A beauty routine is a sequence of small gestures that ensure the health and beauty of the skin. Normally it involves: a cleanser, a cream and a serum (which vary according to skin type).

Published on Oct 8, 2021 - Video transcript.

Welcome back to Seticrei's Youtube channel.

When we return from vacation, our skin always gives us a little trouble.

And here comes to the rescue Seticrei cosmetics.

Today I'm going to talk about the beauty routine for combination skin.

As you may have noticed, I never talk about creams, serums or cleansers, but I always talk about beauty routines because, according to Seticrei's philosophy, in order to obtain short-term results, it is necessary to exploit the synergy of at least three products that I will now show you.

We have said that combination skin is skin characterized by dry areas such as the cheek area and mixed areas such as the forehead area, nose and chin.

The beauty routine for combination skin starts with a double cleansing.

I want to specify what Seticrei means by double cleansing, though.

For Seticrei, double cleansing is a double step that must be done every time you cleanse either with the same or a different product.

So every cleansing involves a double step, as it has been proven that a single step of cleansing does not allow the skin to cleanse itself perfectly.

Cleansing is the most important moment for all epidermal types, because if we don't cleanse the skin of impurities, we can't think of any active as working. And cleansing must be done rigorously both in the morning and in the evening.

In the evening, cleansing allows us to go to remove impurities, makeup, smog, dust that has settled during the day on our face.

In the morning, the cleansing allows us to go to remove all the impurities that our skin during the night has expelled, because from 11 pm to 4 am our skin uses a process of detoxification - so we in the morning, on the face, we do not find the cream that we have put in the evening, but we find all the toxins that the skin has thrown out.

Then cleansing for combination skin involves using these two products: the sebum-regulating solid cleanser, and the gentle solid cleanser.

The sebum-regulating solid cleanser contains coconut oil and snail slime. So it's let's say a little bit deeper cleansing that goes to act on the areas that are a little bit more oily.

The mild solid cleanser instead always contains coconut oil but donkey milk - so the deduction that manages to give a minimum of hydration to areas slightly drier.

How does this dual cleansing take place?

First and foremost, water temperature is of paramount importance: never too hot, never too cold.

Cold water does not wash - we wash our dishes with cold water, if we want to degrease them.

Water that is too hot can create capillary problems of redness.

So: we go to moisten our face with lukewarm water.

I recommend that every time we treat our face, let's also remember our neck and our décolleté.

We take the solid cleanser or snail slime or her donkey - it is indifferent sequence -, we heat it in the hands of the product that is left: it will create a very delicate cream that we are going to massage gently all over the face. Makeup remover perfectly so we absolutely do not have to use first micellar waters to go to makeup removal.

I recommend that we dwell on the cleansing a moment more, because it is really the most important moment.

To rinse the face I support myself with cotton gauze and allow me to more precisely remove all the various impurities.

Rinse your skin very well from any residual cleanser.

Next we take the other solid cleanser and do the same thing.

Let's remove it all with the help of a cotton gauze - it's great if it's dampened and then wiped over the face.

As you can see, I left out the eyebrow area which I recommend you always remove makeup with an oily product - just olive oil might be good too. A product - especially if you use water proof make up products - an oily product will do just fine.

Swab your face - never rub it: swabbing your face is like using a kind of aggression.

Right after the above mentioned cleansing - double cleansing should be done morning and evening - let's use the synergy of two products: the cream and its hydration modulator.

I often hear you say that I'm not the only one who can help you.

You will often hear me repeat this name: instead of "serum", moisturizing modulator.

Let's start with the cream: you've been told this cream is sebum-regulating. It contains snail slime, which is an amazing sebum-regulating agent. Why? Snail slime contains glycolic acid in its own right and therefore effects a continuous but slow epidermal exfoliation. This inevitably leads the skin to deep cleanse itself in a very gentle manner and produce less sebum.

In this cream, however, we have also included an extraordinary active ingredient: you have surely heard about the damage of blue light. Blue light is the light that is emitted by all the electronic devices that we use.

Think that scientific studies have shown that a 65-year-old person spends 47 years of their life in front of electronic devices - and by electronic devices I mean cell phone the computer, television, playstation.... everything that is electronic device.

Inside this cream, we've put an amazing iodine-purified seaweed - so it's been purified of iodine - so it can also be used by people who have thyroid problems - which has just this power to go in and shield the skin from blue light and so it's a great anti-aging agent.

We take a very small amount of cream - and for very small believe me, when you see it, now, you will say: but is it possible?! It's really very little!

Cosmetics if Seticre you have to learn to dose them: this is the amount of cream for the whole face!

I always say to start with very little product - you are always in time to add it, because there is no such thing as a quantity of product that is good for everyone and all skin types, because each skin has its own porosity, and that is its own degree of absorption of an active ingredient. And so always start with a little product that you are always in time to increase the amount.

So: this is the amount of cream that I'm going to put inside the palm of my hand.

Then I take the hydration modulator that I mentioned earlier. I put a little drop inside the cream. This hydration modulator, which is called sebum-regulating, contains snail slime and argan oil.

Snail slime, we mentioned being an amazing sebum-regulator, argan oil is a gentle moisturizer that comes to the rescue of the slightly drier areas of combination skin.

We heat with full hands - as you can see it mounts, the product - and with full hands we go to put it all over the face, neck and décolleté.

At this point we start to listen to our skin: the sensation we should have every time we use a Seticrei beauty routine - therefore: the cleansing and immediately after the synergy of cream and hydration modulator - should be of absolute lightness, I should feel nothing on my face as if I had not put anything on, but at the same time I should feel my skin in a situation of comfort.

This will decree that I have performed the optimal beauty routine for my skin type. So let's learn to listen to the skin whenever we use a cosmetic product.

It dries quickly, leaves no residue whatsoever, and we are ready to apply makeup already, so no need to wait for the product to dry.

Stay tuned because in the next episode I will talk about the beauty routine for oily skin instead.

Bye everyone!

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