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From a teenager's problem to a solution for... All skin types crying out for help!

How it started...

Seticrei is a brand born from a challenge: that one of Donatella Colangelo (the founder of the brand) to give to herself the possibility to... re-create herself.

At the age of 16, viral acne on her face changed her life. Not finding a solution... she decides to invent it, studying 100% natural and 100% effective remedies.

This is how Seticrei started.

Over time his skills have expanded, relentlessly adding new knowledge and formulating together with experts in the field, absolutely natural cosmetics.

After verifying "on your skin" the benefits of 100% natural ingredients, with 100% pure active principles and 100% dermocompatible, today Seticrei's product line includes a range of high quality products made with the best raw materials and respecting nature with remarkable aesthetic results.

Our face cosmetic products: soaps, face creams, face serums, face masks, face cleanser, face smoothing gel, cc cream, eye contour and our body cosmetic products: firming body creams, body scrubs, shower foam, hand creams, foot creams, soaps, draining complex, anti cellulite cream, contain in themselves totally natural ingredients, whose characteristics and potential are hardly recognized.


Hear the story of Seticrei's birth directly from the voice of the founder.

Our passion and business philosophy have convinced us that beauty and wellness should be available to everyone!

The philosophy is in the name

Because everyone of us has ‘every day’ the chance to recreate ourselves, the important thing is deciding to and wanting to every day.

Start your day with a SE TI CREI, think about what you would do for yourself and choose consciously!

We want to be there and this is why we have decided to offer you the best of the natural world for your well-being, your skin and the radiance of your face. TODAY we often hear about NATURAL, but just as often we don't know what it means and if we can really trust what we read on labels. For this reason, our goal is primarily to educate.


The Lady of cosmetics

"Nothing happens by chance, this is what I think when I remember the day my adventure started.

I was a young woman in search of the right light for my face and meeting an expert cosmetologist marked the beginning. I wanted to create the woman that i would have liked to become!

I had a problem with my skin, terrible viral acne, when I was only 16 that gave me the strong desire to understand what could have helped me solve my problem.

This desire led to a passion and a light that still accompanies me today and that I would like to see in each one of you as well!

Today this is exactly my objective, to help you mature awareness about what you usually use, pso that each one of you can look after yourself as best as possible!"

Donatella – Seticrei founder


Because OUR IDEA is to offer Women the peace of mind of wearing creams that can really RESPECT THEM AND NATURE.

But at the same time we want to express ourselves WITH STYLE AND ELEGANCE, as the great names of cosmetics teach. This is why we have decided to treat ourselves to a fresh, creative, colourful and elegant look to bring into your homes cosmetics of HIGH QUALITY n the product and that can also give colour to your days.

Beauty and well-being within everyone’s reach

Have you ever been disappointed by a cosmetic you have bought?

To be sure that each one of you uses the most suitable product for your skin type, Seticrei offers a free of charge consulting service before purchase, so that the efficacy of the face cosmetics or the body products can immediately be perceived and there is no risk of purchasing one that is not suitable or really adequate.

At this point, all that remains is for you to test and verify the efficacy of our cosmetics. What are you waiting for, fill in our form on the home page for a free consultancy, you will be contacted by phone, without any commitment, for a video appointment on WhatsApp, messenger, Skype, facetime and together we will understand what you really need, which are the best creams for your skin type and how we can help you. But you can also contact us directly!


Follow us on FACEBOOK and on INSTAGRAM s well to find useful information for your well-being, to get to know us better and to stay updated with all our events. We are also ready to organize meetings on request for a group of women who are interested in learning more about the natural world, the world of Seticrei.

And if you want to peek a little more, go to the what is INCI page and you can get a lot of useful information on theInternational Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, used to show the different ingredients of a cosmetic product on the label. In the data sheet of each product you can discover in detail every single ingredient, its characteristics, its properties and its benefits.

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Our customers say...

Seticrei - Cosmetici 100% naturali

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