Seticrei Academy

Learning Beauty: intensive workshops designed for estheticians and visagists. Find out how to participate in upcoming training seminars: you'll learn Deep Natural Manual Lifting and study the principles behind the formulation of natural, high-performance cosmetic products.

Seticrei, as the Italian play word says, is a philosophy through which everyone can recreate themselves, based on the consciousness of what we use everyday for our beauty routine.

Through the intensive workshop of Seticrei Academy, Donatella Colangelo, founder of the brand, will teach you the principles of cosmetics explaining how to read the l'INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of the products we use everyday. During the Academy it will be explained what additives are used for the formulations of natural products that are good for the skin and at the same time performing. Consciousness is also obtained with the scientific knowledge of all the various special aspects that represent the beauty world.

Thanks to the help of the aesthetic doctors we will teach you the DEEP NATURAL MANUAL LIFTING, an extraordinary facial massage that you can immediately use on your costumers.

With Seticrei Academy we want to support you in this real revolution that changes the movements of the simple facial massage.

Our Academy will be done with a maximum of 6 people so we can have the possibility to follow every person and to teach everything in the correct way.


Our workshop have been completed and Seticrei gave their first 2020 certificates. We want to thank these young women who wanted to achieve this goal with us, being professional conscious and ready facialists.

We congratulate:

Roselena Cavaliere - Estetista Firenze 347 1983715
Francesca Leli - Estetista Arezzo 349 3909605
Maria Cassano - Estetista Taranto 333 2462849
Rita Tabacchi - Estetista Carpi 059 652565 - 0523 651135
Palestra Fashion Wellness Club Roma 06 37516686
Studio di estetica Iseppi Vogel Lugano +00419228756
Miriam Dotti - Estetista Monza 338 4568878
Monica Giannubilo - Estetista Monza 349 30000072
Afrodite di Marseu Andreia SAS Piazza del Mercato 19/A - Brescia 030 280312 - 328 1722534
Amor Tuo Estetica SNC Via Duchessa Jolanda 16/B - Torino 348 4932618
Silvia Muffolini - Estetista Sesto San Giovanni (MI) 340 7095184
Chez Cris di Tagliani Cristina Via Roma 7 - Manerbio (BS) 030 9382518 - 347 0850746
Elena Bonfante c/o Maison Esthetique Srl Via IV Novembre 1/D - Verona 045 8344002
Rainoldi Valentina - Chronos Massagno 0041786618838
Sala Giovanna Palazzolo S/O (BS) 030/732308
Pelucchi Elisa c/o Ceresio 7 - Milano 02/49680827
Cazzanelli Laura - Estetista 348/6296101
Suardi Sara c/o L'Albereta Espace Chenot - Erbusco (BS) 030/7760550
AuraPura Sarezzo (BS) 030/8901412
Monti Alessandra Be Beauty - Crema 0373/225489
Rodrigues Joice C/O Haquos - Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 50, Milano 375/5064843
Dina Maggioni Massoterapista Studio di Massofisioterapia Gaioni
Via Nazionale 42H - Costa Volpino (Bergamo)
Morrocu Raffaela Sardegna 3491508106
Giada Beauty Skin Specialist Montebelluna ( TV) 3483942583
Cuccureddu Caterina Operatrice olistica Skin Therapist Freelance - Assistenza domiciliare Santa Teresa di Gallura - Olbia - SS 3452736523
Beauty Care Tiziana Caforio Francavilla Fontana Latiano (BR) 3404662919
Alessandra Gosmaro The Beauty Prive' Napoli 081/19344923
Nicla estetica relax di Perugini Nicoletta Nuvolera (BS) 030/6897859
Andrea Nunes - c/o Oriella Page Lugano +41792998207
Andrea Nunes - c/o Centro Estetico Elite Milano Cerva 16 3200515301
Myspa snc Milano 02/39660003
Dottoressa Cirillo Laura - Medico chirurgo, agopuntura, fototerapia Via della Repubblica, 14 - Castelli Calepio (BG) 347 7337228
Ocean's beauty di Valeria Brancaccio &C. SAS Via Magnaghi 44 R, Genova 010/8540485

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