Natural cosmetics effective against blue light

Our skin has a new enemy to defend itself against... blue light

In the scientific field it is known as HEV (High Energy Visible) a wavelength of light that comes from both natural light and the artificial light of screens (smathphone, tablets, PCs, televisions and LED light).

When it is emitted from the sun, blue light has positive effects on mood, memory.

When it comes from the screens of electronic devices it is harmful.

First of all, it disturbs the natural rhythm of the heart, reduces melatonin and affects the quality of sleep.

In addition, it induces an important oxidative stress in the skin causing sagging, blemishes, grayish color and smartphone wrinkles.

In addition, exposure to electronic screens is harmful.

In addition, exposure to blue light during the night affects the natural rhythm of skin cells that because of this exposure continue to work as if it were daytime even at night compromising their natural nighttime repair process.

Take into account that, on average, each person spends 6 hours a day in front of the various screens they own and during this hard period of imprisonment these data have increased dramatically.

A survey carried out on 2000 citizens has found that the average Italian who lives 65 years spends 47 years of his life in front of a screen.

Some American dermatologists have also calculated that spending four 8-hour working days in front of a computer exposes us to the same amount of energy as 20 minutes of the midday sun.

These figures have increased dramatically.

Extremely alarming data that lead us to think that we must absolutely defend ourselves from this new form of pollution still little known, "BLUE LIGHT POLLUTION"....a danger as subtle as imperceptible because we do not notice it.

Here is Seticrei after more than a year of studies has managed to find an active natural able to counteract this pollution.

This is why Seticrei, after more than a year of studies, has managed to find a natural active ingredient capable of combating this pollution.

It is an extract of deiodized brown seaweed (so it can also be used by those who have thyroid problems) known as "Spaghetti di Mare" because of its shape, it is very rich in Alginic acid, potassium, vitamin C, fucusterol and phyto carotenoids.


These active ingredients that the seaweed naturally possesses protect it from UV rays, blue light and type A infrared rays that penetrate the ocean water for several meters.

Cosmetici naturali efficaci contro la luce blu

Seticrei natural cosmetics effective against blue light