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Hello everyone, how many times have you had to use a body cream twice a day to try to moisturize your skin and still end up with dry skin?

You have no idea how many people call me and say "Donatella I keep using a body cream morning and night but my skin is always dry".

But there is an answer to this: we often use creams that simply stay on the surface so they give us a tactile pleasantness.

When we apply them our skin feels soft but after a while the part underneath where the cream has not arrived remains dry.

Seticrei has formulated two products to go to moisturize the skin of your body: a firming and moisturizing body cream and a face/body oil with seven oils.

Seticrei has formulated two products to go to moisturize the skin of your body: a firming and moisturizing body cream and a face/body oil with seven oils.

For those who have normal skin so not particularly dry is fine simply use the body cream firming and moisturizing.

What are the characteristics of this cream?

It performs a dual function: moisturizing due to the effect of two ingredients shea butter and apricot butter.

Apricot butter is an even more moisturizing ingredient than shea butter, but it is little used because it is so expensive.

Do you know how to get it? you melt the apricot kernel, once melted you wait for it to solidify and in small flakes you place it inside the moisturizing emulsion.

This cream is also firming - because of what ingredients?

Asian centella and blueberry.

With this body cream you will see almost magic: the moment you put this cream on, the color of your skin will change as a result of an immediate epidermal oxygenation.

How to use this cream?

How will we use this cream?

We will take a small amount of product, we will put it in the hand, we will heat the product because as you know the heat of the hands activates the active and we are going to apply it to various parts of our body, including the breasts.

Whenever our skin is much drier for various reasons such as winter because we have socks and then the skin tends not to breathe or as a result of the fact that we have taken a lot of sun in the summer, I will use the firming body cream mixed with this oil face / body with seven precious oils.

This oil contains a lot of active ingredients and we will apply it to the various parts of our body, including the breasts.

This oil contains special oils, such as apricot oil that I mentioned, cotton oil and other oils that have an important moisturizing power.

So when the skin of my body is much more dry I'm going to take a small amount of body lotion I will put inside the palm of the hand, I will take the oil to the seven oils and I will put a few drops inside the cream contained in the hand, I will heat the product and the result I'm going to put it on the various parts of the body.

This definitely has a much more moisturizing action for much more dehydrated skin.

If you would like to have any kind of information or further elucidation regarding any product please contact us.

Hello everyone!

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