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Hello everyone!

In this IGTV we will be covering a topic that is so dear to us: heavy, tired, fatigued legs.

The heat is coming, summer is approaching and surely this symptomatology is becoming more and more accentuated.

But also in winter, if we spend a lot of time sitting in the car or at the desk, or if we spend a lot of time standing up, this problem can be felt.

Seticrei, however, has a lot of experience in this field.

Seticrei has an answer to this problem.

Seticrei has an answer to this problem.

As you can see in front of me I have two products that are: a saline draining and a mud reducing gel.

These are two products that can be used either individually or together and now I will explain what I mean.

Let's start with the saline drainer: it's a product that you spray on your body like a perfume, it contains sea salt.

If you think about when you go to the beach and take baths in the sea water magically our legs seem lighter and deflate.

In this product we have enclosed an extract of sea salt and we have amplified the draining power and lightness that this product is able to give to our legs and not only, thanks to the help of pilosella.

Pilosella is a plant that has a very powerful draining power - even some homeopaths in particular situations of stagnation of liquids in the body recommend to take drops of pilosella in water, so it has an important draining power.

How to use this product?

You can use it alone: after the shower with completely dry skin you spray this product all over the body.

Whenever you need to feel lighter legs, the points on the legs where you have to go to put it in a more important way are: under the soles of the feet, to get immediate relief, and the popliteal cable that is the cable that is behind our knee.

To go to amplify even more the sense of lightness.

To go to amplify even more the sense of lightness that this product already gives in the immediate, during the summer I recommend you keep it in the refrigerator so when you're going to spray it after the shower you will have a feeling of well-being at 360 degrees.

Now let's talk about the fangogel.

How many times have we given up on doing mud baths at home because we have to pack them in the domopack, when we have to wash we get dirty all over...

But the mud is absolutely the treatment that gives the most benefit to our legs when we talk about cellulite and water retention.

This is why Seticrei has formulated a product that takes advantage of all the properties of mud, but it is applied like a cream, or rather like a gel: it is absorbed immediately because it has a very light consistency, the typical gel consistency.

This is a product that was created with a dual function anti water and anti fat.

Anti-adipose because it contains Rhodisterol, a red alga with a very low concentration of iodine, which can be used safely even by people who have thyroid problems or pregnant mothers, which has the very function of going to dissolve fat.

The draining effect is instead guaranteed by fucus, horse chestnut, green coffee substances that have an important draining effect.

These two products can be used either individually as I explained or in synergy

If we use them in synergy, twice a day or even once a day, immediately after the shower we will spray the saline drainage all over the body, tapping it to make it absorbed.

If we use them in synergy, twice a day or even once a day, immediately after the shower we will spray the saline drainage all over the body, tapping it to make it absorbed.

From the waist down we apply the fangogel in small amounts to the inside of our hands, warm it up and massage it in quickly from the bottom up.

The combination of these two products will make sure that you feel your legs much lighter, in fact I will tell you more it will also decrease the circumference of your thighs, of your waist.

So before starting this Seticrei beauty routine for the body anti swollen legs I recommend you to take the measurements of your thighs, your waist and measure them after a week.

You will notice a decrease in inches of your thighs.

Don't miss the next video where we will talk about the much hated cellulite.

Bye everyone!

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