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Hello girls,

How many times have we given up using foundation because the feeling we get immediately after applying it is of heaviness, of a mask effect.

Seticrei has obviously thought about this too and has created two make up products: a cc cream and an illuminating foundation.

These two products are analogous and different at the same time.

These two products are similar and different at the same time.

Analogous in the sense that they both contain hyaluronic acid and therefore the anti-aging par excellence, they contain snail slime which is the ingredient that allows the product to stay on the skin for a few hours and both contain the protection factor 15 - so even in winter when we do not use sunscreen they give us a minimum protection from the sun.

They are two equal and different products i.e. they have two completely different covers.

The cc cream was created for people who simply want to brighten their complexion and therefore don't have the need for coverage, while the illuminating foundation covers perfectly.

I want to dwell on this aspect for a moment because in a usual foundation the coverage effect is given by what is commonly called "dimethicone" which is a silicone that we like so much because it covers but is then what makes us feel heavy skin, as if we had a mask, and does not let the skin breathe.


In Seticrei foundation, the covering effect was made possible thanks to the combination of natural flours and gums that lead to the exact same covering effect while allowing the skin to breathe.

Let's go into a little more detail about how these products are used.

Now I'll show you how to use the foundation.

The foundation is used as a normal cream and that is you take a small amount of product is always warm in your hands and the result you put it on the whole face including eyes.

Also serves as a cover for dark circles.

Today I will show you on my hand.

I'll tell you one thing right now don't be scared of the color: it will look very dark and at first glance it will seem impossible that that foundation can fit every complexion.

But all this is made possible thanks to the fact that inside there is a food coloring that not only does not suffocate the skin, does not create blackheads, adapts to all complexions and obviously covers perfectly.

We let it dry two or three minutes the moment it dries the skin acquires this almost silky veil and as you can see it has covered perfectly.

I'll tell you one more thing once it dries it doesn't even dirty white necks, another problem dictated by the usual foundations.

The cc cream as I told you is a product that people who do not want to cover but simply want to have a lot of brightness and now I'll show you what I mean.

As you can see the skin has gained a lot of glow but you can't tell at all that any kind of product has been put on.

If we compare it to the other hand, however, we see that there is something so the brightness dictated by the cc cream is just that.

Also in the cc cream the dye is unique because it is of food extractions and even this does not dirty the white necks and now I'll show you.

So regardless of your lighter or slightly darker complexion type these two products will suit any complexion type and go well with any skin type...what more could you ask for?"

See you soon - bye!

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