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Hello to all I am Donatella Colangelo and for those who still don't know me I am the creator of the world Seticrei.

Today I will speak about the change that will have to have the beauty routine to the light of the constant use of the mask.

As you may have already noticed, the mask, which has the role of shielding us from the outside world, inevitably causes us to sweat in the chin area, the nose area and the cheek area.

This sweat is caused by the use of the mask.

This sweat is dictated by the fact that the mask creates a sort of greenhouse effect to our skin and does not allow the skin to breathe in the correct way.

Here we have to help the epidermis by lightening our daily beauty routine.

Let's see in a practical way what it means to lighten our daily beauty routine.

The very first advice I give you is definitely to increase the number of cleansings that are normally carried out on our skin in the evening because the skin tends to get dirtier due to this greenhouse effect so I would always opt for a double cleansing.

Another trick we can take to allow our skin to sweat as little as possible is to use lighter serums during the day that are absorbed much faster.

The last trick is to make twice a month instead of once a month a scrub a little deeper to go to remove dead cells and clean the skin more deeply.

In the evening, the beauty routine should compensate for what we did not use during the day, so for dry skin we should increase the amount of serum and cream and also for combination skin we should add the use of cream.

If you would like to have your daily beauty routine signed Seticrei you can contact me.

I'll be waiting for you - thank you!

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