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Hello everyone today I'm going to talk about our #1 enemy: cellulite.

The term is not really accurate.

I don't know if you know that what we identify as cellulite is really a PEFS, that is an edematous fibro sclerotic panniculopathy, that is that imperfection that often makes our skin orange peel with depressions, it is not really correct to call it cellulite but it is more appropriate to call it PEFS, only that unfortunately we are used to call it cellulite.

Seticrei also has a remedy to improve cellulite.

Cellulite can't be fought with the only help of a cosmetic because cellulite is a problem that starts from the inside of our body, which is affected by many aspects such as our diet, our lifestyle, that is if we exercise, if we stand a lot or if we sit a lot, if we smoke, if we often use very tight pants, if we often use high heels.

So there aren't any remedies for cellulite.

So there are no miraculous anti-cellulite products, there are products that can visually mitigate the appearance of a "mattress" that we do not like not only visually but also in a tactile way, that is, when we touch our belly rather than our butt, these products make sure that the skin is much smoother and much more compact.

Seticrei has formulated two products: an anti-cellulite emulsion and an anti-cellulite oil, both with this RHODISTERO extract, a red algae with a very low concentration of iodine - so these products can be used safely by people who have thyroid problems as well as pregnant women. And this ingredient has precisely the power to go to dissolve fat and ensure that the tissue is more compact.

The beauty routine attack for cellulite are precisely these two products or rather the synergy of these two products that will be used in what way: you will take a small amount of emulsion anti cellulite, you will put inside the hand (I also show you the green color that is just typical of the seaweed), you take a small amount of cream and you put inside the palm of your hand, you take the anti-cellulite oil that always contains RHODISTERO, and you put inside the cream you heat everything with full hands and the result you will put directly in the area to be treated with a vigorous massage.

These two products should be used morning and evening strictly and for at least a month after which you will begin to see the first improvements not only at the level of orange peel but just at the level of the entire compactness of the epidermal area treated.

I'll make a small clarification, in the attack phase the use of the products must be synergistic so they must be used both, in the maintenance phase you can choose according to the problem still to be treated if you use only the cellulite emulsion or only the anti-cellulite oil.

In the next IGTV we will talk to you about instead of how to moisturize the skin of our body.

Bye everyone!

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