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Hello everyone and welcome back to Seticrei's youtube channel.

As promised today I'm going to tell you about the Brightening Line - just the word makes us want to use it!

But let's figure out what epidermal types the Brightening beauty routine was created for.

First of all, dry epidermis that present the first wrinkles, that present the loss of tone, so they need to lift and plump up.

What does this beauty routine consist of?

As always in three products: a cleansing product and then a cream and serum to use always mixed all over the face, including the eyes.

But let's see specifically: we said that this line is dedicated to dry skin. Dry skins normally during cleansing feel their skin pulling. That's why this Brightening cleansing milk was created, which contains hyaluronic acid and silk proteins, and during the cleansing phase, in addition to perfectly remove makeup from the face, it already brings a good hydration to the epidermis.

How to use? We moisten our face always with our lukewarm water, we take the Brightening cleansing milk, 4 - 5 pumps, we warm it in the hands (always remember for all Seticrei products it is important to warm them in the hands because the heat of the hands activates the actives).

I pump all over the face, including the eyes (as you can see I open them up and it doesn't burn).

This product removes makeup perfectly, and doesn't burn at all.

Rinse - as you know I make use of a cotton rag to help with better makeup removal.

Remove all the product and do the second cleanse, then our second pass.

Obviously with less product, I always warm in my hands and then go all over my face.

As you can see I keep my eyes open and even on my eyes it doesn't burn at all.


Rinse immediately after rinsing the skin...I target people who have dry skin...I will feel my skin moisturized, almost like I have already put on cream. This prerogative is given by the hyaluronic acid and silk proteins included within this product.

I would recommend dabbing our face not rubbing it hard because rubbing your face hard is an aggression - we need to dab.

Subsequently we will use Brightening cream and serum.

The brightening cream contains marine collagen, silk protein, and an algae that shields from blue light - that light emitted by electronic devices that damage our skin.

Marine collagen is collagen - a substance that is extracted from fish skin. It has a very important tensor effect and has the ability to retain water at the epidermal level. So it is the active responsible for the slight tensor effect that I will feel the moment I use this cream.

Silk proteins help give even more hydration to the epidermis. And the seaweed, as I mentioned, screens out blue light.

Along with our Brightening cream we will use the Brightening serum which contains hyaluronic acid, so pure water for our skin.

How are they used? You should remember, but I'll show you.

I recommend: always start with small amounts, because Seticrei product is very rich in 100% pure actives, so the initial amount of should always be minimal - your skin will then tell you whether to increase or decrease the amount of product.

So I always start with a little bit of product - this is the product I need for the whole face - I put it inside my hand... I take my serum or hydration modulator... I put a drop inside the cream I warm with full hands... and the result I'm going to put it all over my face.

These two products replace day cream, night cream and even eye contour...and neck cream.

So the two products I have everything I need for my beauty routine.

The product as you can see doesn't assume much massaging - as in, being free of slipping silicones, you'll find that it absorbs immediately. The feeling I will have when I have finished applying a cream serum is one of absolute lightness, as if I had nothing on my face: this will tell me precisely that the amount of product I am using for my epidermis is the correct one.

At the moment it dries you might (I use the conditional term because obviously every epidermis reacts in a different way) feel a slight tightening effect that is dictated by that fantastic marine collagen I was telling you about.

For the orbicular area, if we present excessive dryness, we take our serum... we put a small drop of serum inside our hand, warm it up and go to top up the orbicular area... with a light massage or tapping.

The beauty routine and brightening for dry skin with wrinkle issues or loss of tone is finished, and we are ready for our make up. Don't miss the next appointments because there are so many Seticrei products and so many new products!

See you soon!

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