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Hello everyone and welcome back to our regular appointment with Seticrei Natural Cosmetics.

Today we're talking about sunscreens and aftersun. Summer is now widely has arrived and with her our beloved tan.

Let's try, however, before talking about sunscreens, to make some clarity about the [rays] that arrive on our skin.

The UV [rays], which are nothing but the ultraviolet rays, can be divided into three groups: the UVC are by far the most harmful, but thank goodness they do not come into contact with the skin as they are shielded by ozone.

We are dealing with UVA [rays] and UVB rays.

What's the difference between these two types of rays? The difference is what they can generate at the epidermal level.

And that is, UVA rays are very aggressive rays that can even cause skin cancer.

UVB rays are rays that can create epidermal erythema.

In cosmetics, there are two types of filters to counteract UVA and UVB rays: physical filters and chemical filters. What difference do they have? The physical filter is a filter that acts as a true mirror to the ultraviolet radiation. And that is to say: if this is our skin, the moment it comes into contact with the skin, it makes it go back. So it's those filters that allow us to be in the sun without tanning.

The chemical filter, on the other hand, is that filter that, the moment the ultraviolet ray comes in contact with the skin, reworks it and transmits it to the skin in a different way.

What should the perfect sunscreen have? It should have both chemical and physical filters, and that's what Seticrei sunscreen contains.

First and foremost, for Seticrei there is only one sunscreen, which is protection 50+. For Seticrei, the sun - and not only for Seticrei - is not a great friend of our skin: for years now, even at the media level, there has been a lot of insistence on the attention that people must pay when exposing themselves to the sun because of the countless problems that the sun can have at the epidermal level.

Seticrei therefore believes that the only protection that can really shield the skin and make sure that you can tan without having side effects is a 50+ protection, and therefore very very high.

This is more of a sunscreen, in the sense that this sunscreen product shields the skin perfectly, but at the same time allows the skin to tan in absolute peace. So we don't think that high protection will leave our skin white, on the contrary... high protection only makes our skin tan slower and the tan is much much much longer lasting.

Hyaluronic acid has also been included within this sunscreen, as our skin loses water during sun exposure, and the water is replenished through the constant use of this product.

Many people ask me how many times a day a sun care cream is required: it is a good idea to repeat the application of a sun care cream at least every 2 or 3 hours. And of course after bathing, as Seticrei's sun milk is not water-proof and therefore, immediately after a bath, it should be put back on as there is nothing left on the skin. Equally important as the sunscreen is the after-sun, because the skin, after a day in the sun, is not only - very often - reddened, but also very dry, especially if the exposures are long lasting.

Seticrei formulates a very special after-sun, in the sense that an after-sun is able to go to defame the redness (as it contains licorice and St. John's wort, two quite unusual ingredients that have the ability to go to calm where there are redness) and also inside the after-sun there is hyaluronic acid, so the water that we were not able to give the skin through the sun we continue to give through the after-sun.

We all love a beautiful and above all lasting tan: the advice that Seticrei gives to all women is to respect, even when tanning, our skin as an organ. I tell you this thing because if you think that the tan is generated by our epidermis to defend itself from the fact that this heat that she feels us likes her not at all, it makes us understand that the more she likes us, the less she likes it.

As a consequence, a tan is certainly beautiful, but we try not to sunbathe in the hottest hours and above all we try to always use - and I underline always - very high protections, that allow the skin to tan gradually.

Bye everyone!

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