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Hello everyone!

In this video, I'm going to show you what it means to lighten up your daily beauty routine in light of the constant and ongoing use we should have of the mask.

Let's start by analyzing combination skin and oily skin.

Why do I make this distinction? Combination skin is the classic skin that is greasy in the T-zone, which then has areas that are a little more oily and areas that are a little more dry. While classic oily skin is skin that has sebaceous overproduction spread all over the face, enlarged pores and the presence of scattered boils all over the face.

For these two different epidermal types Seticrei has created specific serums.

Let's start with combination skin.

For combination skin Seticrei has created the sebum regulating serum that contains snail slime and argan oil.

Snail slime is the best natural antibiotic available on the market, and is an excellent sebum regulating serum as it contains, in a completely autonomous way, glycolic acid and therefore performs a slow but continuous exfoliation of the epidermis.

This leads to a regulation of sebaceous production.

Along with snail slime, argan oil was included - it almost seems like a nonsense: we're talking about skin that tends to get greasy... how come we included an oil?

I want to dispel the myth: it is absolutely not true that combination or oily skin only needs to be degreased - on the contrary: even combination-oily skin needs hydration, a more delicate hydration that is given in this product by argan oil. So the synergy between sebum-regulating ingredient like snail slime and an ingredient that brings delicate hydration like argan oil give this serum great properties for combination skin.

Let's talk about oily skin instead: how can we tell if we have oily skin?

First of all, if the skin tends to be greasy all over the face, if we have widespread furuncles everywhere - so the classic virulent acne, so the classic red pimples, if we have a dilated pore, a thick skin texture... here, this is the classic oily skin, defined as oily - so with a hyper-production by the glands that produce sebum.

For this epidermal type, we created two serums. A snail slime supreme nectar and a witch hazel and snail slime purifying serum.

As you can see, the snail slime ingredient is always present precisely because it is an excellent sebum regulator.

Supreme Snail Slime Nectar is one hundred percent (100%) pure snail slime with a low molecular weight, which is able to very quickly go to blaze situations where virulent acne occurs - so the classic with red pimple or furuncle that has a yellow tip.

It is a very simple product to use: it absorbs very quickly, as it is sprayed on the face just like a perfume going to tap absorbs immediately.

This product we can use in two different ways: or localized in the area where we have the boil or the area a little more virulent, or even on the whole face, if we have a situation a little more important.

Normally this one of the two serious ones is the stronger one, so it's the one that I recommend during the day, where normally the skin tends to get greasy more.

The evening instead for oily skin, which will have used during the day the supreme nectar of snail slime, we're going to use the witch hazel and snail slime purifying face serum.

It is a very light serum, which absorbs quickly. It contains witch hazel, this ingredient that has the property of going to calm irritation and snail slime, always a natural antibiotic, to go to sebum.

How to apply? A face completely, clean you put inside the palm of your hand 3 or 4 drops, you tap so that it warms and tap all over the face until completely absorbed.

Now let's move on to the serum that was created for delicate skin, so the classic skin that is reddened by the effects of temperature changes, which has rosacea, up to more important issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

This serum - precisely called delicate serum - contains donkey milk and mimosa tenuiflora.

Donkey milk is called white gold - Poppa a and Cleopatra used to bathe in donkey milk, believing it to be an extremely powerful moisturizer.

Mimosa tenuiflora what is it? It is called the "skin tree." It is an acacia-like tree that grows in South America, which has very high healing power.

The Mayans used it as a healing agent.

The Mayans used the bark of this plant to heal the creases they had on their arms. So the bark of this plant is taken, chopped into powder, put to macerate in donkey milk.

The synergy that arises between an extremely moisturizing ingredient and a re-epithelizing ingredient means that this serum can be defined as a natural cortisone. So it goes to provide relief in situations where the skin is in discomfort - so it has redness.

Also here the application will be a few drops of serum, always inside the hand, you always tap both hands to warm the product, after which you tap all over the face until fully absorbed.

As for mature skins skins that show the first signs of expression was created the face serum illuminating.

Contains hyaluronic acid - so a real water reserve for our skin.

It's a very light serum, it absorbs very quickly, and again the application is like the gentle serum. And that is, you take a few drops of serum, put it in your hand, tap the two hands together to warm up the product, and the result you put it all over your face until it's completely absorbed.

These serums for how they are formulated are defined dermofili, and that is in contact with the skin implement a kind of epidermal oxygenation. So the first visual change we have the moment we start using these products is the change in brightness - as if by the very effect of our skin breathing and therefore changing color.

They contain very concentrated natural actives and therefore should be used in small doses.

This means that they can be used for this particular need even on their own.

I hope you enjoyed these videos on covid proof beauty routine.

Stay tuned to find out in Seticrei way.

Bye everyone!

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