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Hello everyone!

As I told you in the last video today we are going to talk about facial scrubs or scrubs.

First of all what is it and what is it used for?

Facial scrubs or scrubbing are tools that are used to remove skin cells that die every 28 days. Dying, however, do not come off the skin: it is necessary to carry out an external mechanical treatment such as a scrub or scrub to remove these cells that are dead and therefore have no reason to be on our epidermis. For two reasons: first, because if they are dead they no longer reflect the light and therefore often give us that dull or not bright color that we have during certain periods. But above all because they do not allow our skin to breathe.

Seticrei has created two different types of scrubs for two different types of epidermis: a smoothing facial scrub and a gentle facial scrub.

The face scrub is a scrub dedicated to combination and oily skin, the classic thick skin that has a dilated pole.

It is a product that makes a scrub a little deeper because it must go, in addition to removing dead cells, also to make a more thorough cleaning of the epidermis that has a hyper sebaceous production.

How is the removal of epithelial cells carried out with this facial scrub? Inside there are perfectly i walnut shells crushed into a spherical shape. I want to make this clarification because it is very important: the sphericity of the micro granule that we are going to massage on the epidermis decrees a double result - if the granule is perfectly spherical we are going to eliminate dead cells. If, on the other hand, the granule that we massage on the face is not perfectly spherical, we are going to create micro-lesions on the epidermis, and therefore the result will be a reddened skin. How many times has it happened to you to do the scrub or face scrub and see the face redder than before?

This is a result dictated precisely by the granule that we go to massage on the face.

And how is this scrub used?

First of all, the skin must be perfectly cleansed: so there must be no residue of makeup, with moist skin (so not wet but moist). We take a walnut of this product, we put it inside the hand, always massage with open hands the product to go to heat it, and the result we go to massage it for one or two minutes all over the face, neck and décolleté included, and rinse with plenty of water.

Inside this scrub is happy a desert mud that has a sebum-absorbing power.

That's why this product is specifically for combination and oily skin. So skin with a little bit thicker grain.

For, on the other hand, the most delicate types of skin, which redden just touching them, the classic thin skin, was created the smoothing the delicate face.

As the word itself says, it is a very delicate scrub that contains: the base is honey, royal jelly and, also here, walnut shells perfectly crushed in spherical form, are the aid with which we go to remove dead skin cells.

How to use it is used? It is used in the same way as scrubbing, and that is with completely clean but moist skin - so not wet, but moist. The difference is: wet skin is the classic skin that has a large amount of water, wet skin is instead the skin that is slightly wet.

You also take a small amount of product here, warm it in your hands, and then massage it all over your face, leaving the eye area out, and rinse with plenty of water.

Because of using the mask, our skin tends to get dirtier.

Facial scrub or scrub are products that should normally be used every 28 days.

Why every 28 days? Because they are used to remove dead skin cells and skin cells die every 28 days.

But because of the mask that goes to dirty our skin more and makes it sweat more, the advice is to use either the facial scrub or the gentle facial smoother twice a month - so once every fortnight, precisely because once a we're going to remove dead skin cells, and once we're going to clean more deeply.

If you would like to know which scrub or facial scrub is right for your skin type, contact me.

Bye everyone!

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