Natural cosmetics that contain snail secretion

Snail slime is an extraordinary natural ingredient extracted from snails in absolute respect of the natural and biological time of extraction and that is every 3 weeks.

But how is snail slime extracted from snails?

Snail slime is extracted using the method of natural stimulation.

Snail slime is extracted using the method of natural stimulation.

The animals are massaged for a few minutes inside an absolutely sterile container.

This movement causes the snails to drool as a natural defense.

During the extraction phase the animal is not stressed at all.

On the contrary, our snails are pampered starting from the choice of a healthy and correct diet.

All this contributes to the high quality of the active ingredient inserted in Seticrei cosmetics.

But why is snail slime considered an extraordinary ingredient at epidermic level for mixed and oily skins?

Snail slime is a natural antibiotic capable of quickly flaming out the active stages of acne, helping to heal post-acne marks, improving skin texture, enlarged pores.

All of this is guaranteed to be beneficial for combination and oily skin.

All of this is guaranteed by the fact that it contains an extraordinary cocktail of valuable molecules such as:

  • natural glycolic acid that performs a continuous but gentle epidermal exfoliation that promotes the removal of surface dead cells, an improvement of post-acne scars; it also allows a better oxygenation of the skin and a more effective penetration of functional substances
  • .
  • Allantoin stimulates cell renewal and regeneration, increases the speed of healing of skin lesions and contributes to greater epidermal turgor
  • .
  • a mix of vitamins (A/C/E) and minerals ( calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron ) that have antioxidant and anti-aging properties.
  • .

Snail slime in fact, in the presence of mixed and oily skin, as well as contributing to a more rapid improvement of acne situations, is an excellent anti-aging.

Natural cosmetics with bava di lumaca

Seticrei Natural Cosmetics that contain snail slime

Precious solid sebum control cleanser with snail secretion and Argan oil, ph 5.6/5.8, 100g (for combination skin)

Sebum-regulating face serum with snail secretion and argan oil, 30ml (for combination skin)

Precious solid sebum control cleanser with snail secretion and argan oil, ph 5.6/5.8, 100g (for oily skin)

Purifying face serum with hamamelis, 30ml (for oily skin)

Supreme nectar with snail secretion, 30ml (for oily skin)

Sebum control face cream with snail secretion, gentian and violet, with deionized seaweed for blue light screen, 50ml (for oily skin)

Purifying face mask with snail secretion, 35 ml (for oily skin)

Magic water gel with thermal water, 50 ml (for combination /oily skin, mature skin with redness)

Face/neck mask with natural lifting peptides, 35ml (for dry and mature skin)

Brightening foundation with snail secretion and hyaluronic acid, spf15, 30ml (for all skin types and complexions)

Regenerating eye contour nectar with snail secretion, hyaluronic acid and escin liposomes, 16ml (recommended for eye bags)